About Us

For Denim's Sake! (FDS!) - The birth of a new entrepreneurial adventure for Mauritian designer Mario Guillot.

In the 1990s, the designer built a solid reputation in Mauritius with the IV PLAY clothing brand. After a successful foray into architecture and interior design, he returns to his first love: jeans. This time, he uses simplicity to restore prestige to denim fabric. 

Mario Guillot goes back to fashion with "For Denim's Sake!" after having spent 25 years designing jeans-wear. The idea of creating this new jeans line has been brewing in his head for almost a year. This new brand is a great expression of this creative instincts. 

Mario Guillot particularly wants to express his passion and respect for the product. "Less is more". I wanted to go back to basics and make people fall in love again with a product. That's the emotion that I try to provoke.

"For Denim's Sake!" stands halfway between luxury and craftsmanship. The high-end brand combines creativity, simplicity and quality. "I couldn't get out this desire to create jeans that would be unique, without frills. Basic and classic pieces. The exact opposite of I had created with IV PLAY" he explains. 

The designer has imagines these jeans for men and women who will recognise the quality, technicality and passion sewn into each of the pieces. "For Denim's Sake! should speak to those who prefer style and timeless elegance to fleeting, formatted fashion. Moreover, each of the creations is signed by the artisan crafting it. We are the opposite of fast fashion.